"Art is never finished, only abandoned" - Leonardo Da Vinci

For this project, I set out on the lookout for abandoned places in Lebanon.

The Rashid Karami International Fair: A contemporary set of ruins

A series of concrete structures designed by the famous Architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1963 was interrupted by the civil war and never completed. Today, it has become nothing more than a series of cold and unfinished grounds.


Ashrafieh: A neighbourhood of many tales

While strolling through the streets of Ashrafieh, you will stumble upon many old houses dating from the early years of the 20th century characterized by their famous arches, high ceilings and red brick roofs. Despite the fact that these houses are located in between bigger and more modern buildings, a strange harmony exists in this neighbourhood. 


The Egg: An abandoned city center

A dome shaped building destined to be the flagship movie theatre of a promising new city center complex in the 1960's is the only remaining vestige of an exciting and prosperous era that hasn't reached maturity because of the civil war. It has since been forgotten and neglected.