Brought up in a design oriented environment, with a specific focus on detail and finishing for many years, Rami has developed a keen attention to the relationship between light and space and a passionate interest in how people occupy it. He is as adept to shoot spaces as he is to shoot people in any given scenario and always manages to bring the best out of them.

In addition to the several photography courses and workshops he has taken in Lebanon and the UAE, Rami has worked alongside many great photographers such as Mike Kelley and Sara Lando. He has also met and been inspired by big names in the industry such as Michael Yamashita, Maggie Steber and Ed Kashi. His drive, dedication and ambition, have allowed him to have such a successful transition from the corporate world to a full time photography career.

With his camera always by his side, he strives to capture the right emotion, in the best setting, at the perfect moment.


Frame Life Magazine: 1st Place: "Documenting Urban Life". Beirut: Documenting the endangered public spaces of Beirut. 

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce: 1st Place in a photography competition designed to capture the soul of Sharjah.

Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon: Top 5 Finalist: "Climate Change and Environment in Lebanon". Beirut: Documenting the drastic changes of the Lebanese environmental landscapes. 

Civil Peace Service Lebanon - GIZ ZFD: Leader of the jury selection process for the Hayda Lubnan Photo Action. Lebanon.


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